21 August - 9 October: Textile & Surface Pattern Design short course 
6:30pm - 9:30pm (8 week term)


The SURFACE 122 Design School’s Textile and Surface Pattern Design short course offers a comprehensive overview of surface design, starting with traditional art-making and digital skills using Adobe Photoshop. 

Built up over eight weeks we will start with traditional art-making methods, and move into learning and applying digital techniques. We’ll study colour theory and colorisation techniques, as well as research and analyse trends. We’ll look at the differences in design between home product and fashion textiles and how to design for a market segment.

This immersive is perfect for those wanting a holistic overview of textile and surface design practices, geared towards professional development. Our course is a practical, hands-on learning experience. While we love online learning, sometimes it helps to have clear instruction from someone in the room to communicate with one-on-one. 

Week 1: Research / Market Segments / Art Making / Motif Design

Week 2: Digitisation / Digital Re-colouring

Week 3: Pattern Structures / Direction / Basic Block Repeats

Week 4: Colour Trends / Colour Libraries / Hand Colourisation / Colour Theory

Week 5: Basic Units / Mirror Repeats / Tossed Repeats

Week 6: Drop  Repeats / Seamless Repeats

Week 7: Composite Repeats / Overlays / Blending Modes

Week 8: Colour Matching / Preparing Artwork for Digital Print

What you will learn

Traditional art-making methods and colour theory

How to create repeat patterns using Adobe Photoshop

How to prepare and use ready-to-print digital repeat artwork

What you will get

A comprehensive overview of surface pattern and textile design

A practical, hands-on learning experience from an industry professional

The confidence to create your own patterns, in your own style for your own projects

Digital print samples testing your repeat patterns on fabric