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Bush Tucker Seedbombs

Our specially selected bush tucker species are great for salads, roasted root vegetable dishes, sweet summer berries and currents, and include native herbs such as thyme, wild jack beans, wild tomato and even breakfast raisins. Everything you need for the full bush tucker experience at home.

The bush Tucker Edible collection has everything you need to experience the interesting practice of smoke and water treating seeds before germination as well as full instruction leaflet.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow bush food.

The clay protects the seeds until conditions are right for germination, where they will germinate and explode into growth and develop into your edible garden. Seedbombs have been used for hundreds years in ancient Japan and Europe to revegetate landscapes and re-wild the earth. No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow! They work well in open gardens or in pots, so perfect for any sized garden where you want to support native species.

Hot water treatment seedbombs in a specially designed biodegradable germination soak bag and Smoke pre treatment seeds with smoke infused granules for smoke assisted germination.

SPECIAL ADDITIONS (see full species list below) January 2022-  

Australian carrot (Daucus glochidiatus) -small root vegetable picked and eaten much like traditional carrots! Delicious.

Native Leek (Bulbine bulbosa) – Also known as golden lily, Australian native leek have edible corm, seeds and roots. The seeds can be eaten similar to fennel seed and the roots and corm have a sweet and starchy flavour.


Care instructions for our products can be found here.