17 August: Paper Pattern Print
9:30am - 12:30pm


SURFACE 1°22 designer ~ Emily Wills introduces participants to the digital textile and surface pattern design process fusing traditional art-making methods with low-tech digitisation. 

This workshop is perfect for beginners wanting a hands-on, simple surface pattern design experience. Paper Pattern Print is intuitive and does not require knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite - you will create repeat patterns using low-fi apps on your smartphone or tablet. 

Immerse yourself in creative play as we design original motifs and basic units by hand, then digitise artwork and turn ideas into beautiful repeatable patterns. We’ll play with scale and repetition to create gorgeous surface design artwork and ready-to-go digital files for printing your designs onto paper, fabric and customisable products. 

What you will learn:

How to design original motifs and basic units using traditional art making methods.

How to create repeat patterns using low-fi smartphone and tablet technology.

How to customise a variety of patterns for home products and fashion textiles playing with scale, orientation and repetition.

What you will get:

An overview of how to design motifs, basic units and repeat patterns

Instruction on how to prepare artwork by hand

Take home up to six digital designs that can be printed onto fabric, products and garments

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