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Our Garden Gift Box is perfect for your lover of outdoors, it includes:

Everlasting Daisy Field Seedbomb

Contain a mix of Australia’s most eye catching pink, white, yellow, dark centred and golden centred Everlasting Daisies – making for one of Australia’s most impressive wildflower displays.

Seedbombs have been used for hundreds of years all over the world to revegetate landscapes and re-wild the earth. The Clay protects the seeds until conditions are right for germination. Nourished by the rich compost they explode to life in a beautiful display of native wildflowers.

They work well in open gardens or in pots, perfect for any sized garden.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow!

Handmade Botanical Soap

Made locally with olive oil, coconut oil, certified sustainable palm oil, water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils. Our friend Michele has created a long-lasting bar that will leave your skin soft and clean.

Ink & Spindle x Really Good Chocolate

Organic, vegan, and handmade in a little Melbourne based workshop, everything is made from organic ingredients - ground, tempered, and poured in Coburg then wrapped in home-compostable cellophane and recycled paper.

There is no gluten or dairy in the ingredients used to make this chocolate

Indigiearth Tea

A unique blend of native ingredients with some of the wild tastes of Australia. A refreshing and energising brew. Enjoy hot or cold. We hope you enjoy these unique flavours and share Indigiearths respect for country and heritage.

All packed lovingly in a sturdy Gift Box (flowers not included)


Care instructions for our products can be found here.