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Sunday 26th February 2023
10am - 1:30pm

Japanese indigo (persecaria tinctoria) is one of many plants around the world that contain indican, the precursor to the blue pigment commonly known as indigo. Indigo is only accessible in specific conditions and the magic lies for workshop participants is watching their textiles turn blue before their eyes.

This workshop will explore different methods of dyeing silk, wool and linen with fresh leaf Japanese indigo leaves. Participants will learn both the theory and practice of dyeing with fresh leaf indigo and go home with a dyed silk scarf as well as several other textile pieces of wool, silk and linen. Participants can also take plant stems to grow and dye with at home, with the knowledge and experience gained from the workshop as well as comprehensive handouts and instructions.

Please bring:

* an apron
* gloves if you don’t want your hands to be blue for a few days
* a jar or similar to take home stems to root and grow. This will allow you to dye at home as well as collect seeds to plant for the next season. 

Michaela Olijnyk (she/her)


Michaela Olijnyk is a textiles maker and photographer living on Wurundjeri Country. She has a background in community cultural development, with a focus on the use of photography as an exploration of identity.

Her journey of exploration of all things textiles has connected her more fully to her cultural roots and ancestors. Dyeing with plants enriches her relationship with the earth. Michaela is endlessly fascinated by the magic, wonder and science of indigo – watching the transformation happen before her eyes as the oxygen in the air hits the textile and transforms from chlorophyl green to the unique indigo blue. 

Michaela gratefully acknowledges she is living & making on unceded Wurundjeri Country. 

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