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Our lamp shades kits allow you to make your very own personalised lamp shade. Creative and easy to use, this kit includes instructions, tools and everything you need to make your lamp shade, all you need to do is browse for a light-weight or medium-weight fabric in our ready-made shop and let us know which one you'd like in the NOTES section of this order.

Your finished lamp shade can be used on a table lamp, floor lamp or as a pendant shade.

Our friends over at Mayfield Lamps are the best in the biz and have made these lovely kits for us. If you'd prefer some face to face instruction then check out our workshops!

Choose one of the following sizes:
30cm dia x 23cm Height
33cm dia x 25cm Height
36cm dia x 28cm Height
41cm dia x 31cm Height

NOTE: Fabric cost is included in the kit, please let us know which fabric you'd like by including a NOTE with your order (or email us). Any Light or Medium weight fabric is suitable.



Care instructions for our products can be found here.