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Have you always wanted to try punch needling? Are you a punch needler looking for premium needles, naturally dyed wool, and new designs?

Nathalie from Hands Of A Maker created this luxury punch needle kit featuring her own naturally dyed wool (2 x Colour Scheme Options) and 5 original designs, paired with the most sought after of needles – the Amy Oxford punch needle. Suitable for all levels of crafting, this kit is everything you need to master the art of punch needling and create your very own fibre masterpiece.

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These kits have been meticulously crafted with the highest quality tools and materials. With the beginner in mind, we have included absolutely everything you need to get going in this kit. No need for anything extra, just open the box and get making!

The wool supplied in these kits has all been hand-dyed by Nathalie here in Melbourne. Using natural dyeing ingredients such as pomegranate, lac, madder & tea, she has lovingly coloured each ball of wool to create 2 different colour schemes for you to choose from.

In the kit, you will receive 5 original patterns, designed by Nathalie specifically with the beginner in mind. Designs range from abstract, still life and florals. Use one of these patterns for your first piece, but eventually, you can use all of them to create a gallery of fibre art!

What's in the kit:

  • 4 x balls of 100% Australian Wool, hand-dyed by Nathalie from Hands of a Maker, with natural ingredients and processes
  • 5 x original patterns, plus a spare pattern if you wish to design your own!
  • 1 x solid handmade timber frame (23cm x 23cm) stretched with the traditional Monk's Cloth
  • 1 x Amy Oxford #10 Fine Punch Needle (the best punch needle on the market, handmade in the USA with solid wood & metal - this tool will last you a lifetime)
  • 1 x Mini Maker's Toolbox (which includes Italian made thread snippers, a set of pins and a permanent marker)
  • 1 x 17-page Instructional Booklet with drawings
  • Video Instructions located on Nat's YouTube channel to walk you step by step through the process of making your own punch needle masterpiece!
  • Packaged in a long-lasting, fully recyclable, custom-designed box. Perfect for keeping all your punch needle tools & supplies in when not using.
  • Access to the 'Hands of a Maker Community Facebook Group' where you can share your creations, ask questions and lend a helping hand to your fellow makers!

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of the naturally dyed wool supplied in this kit, there may be evidence of variation in colour within the wool. They may also vary slightly from the colours depicted in the product images as colours appear differently on each computer screen.

*The finished punch needle piece in the image gallery is an example of what you can create with this kit, it is not included in the kit.


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